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Portfolio Construction


Our portfolio construction begins with manager selection. We search for managers operating in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) realm, finding managers who herald the sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) mission.

We then evaluate their funds on several levels:

  1. Do we think it is a good investment? We use time-tested fundamental analysis coupled with a thorough review of the inner-workings of the fund. 
  2. How ESG-centric are the funds? Are they ESG-light, or ESG-heavy? We take a deep dive into their SRI criteria to make sure each fund selected fits Verdant’s mission.
  3. We evaluate the investment in terms of how it fits into the overall portfolio.


Our clients are unique and diverse with varied passions. Thus, our portfolios can be customized to match. We build your portfolio with a solid foundation of ESG managers and then offer the ability to concentrate on the different areas that might matter most to you or your organization.

Currently, we offer emphasis layers in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • International Impact
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Workplace Equality
  • Animal Welfare
  • Community Investment

If it is the right fit for you, we offer a “faith-based” investing option which focuses on Judeo-Christian or Catholic values.

Verdant portfolios are designed for impact and crafted just for you.


We use a rigorous screening process for all of our managers and fund providers so that your portfolio can meet high financial and sustainability standards.

  1. We identify prospective managers and funds that engage in sustainable, responsible, impact investing.  
  2. We screen these funds with traditional financial metrics.
  3. We focus on adherence to ESG criteria, filtering out any fund managers who don't meet Verdant's high standards.
  4. We study the funds' potential role in your portfolio and make our selections.

Designed For Impact. Crafted For You.