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Is socially-responsible investing right for your institution?

We will sit down with your institution’s board or finance committee for a preliminary meeting about socially-responsible investing and to assess and discuss your institution’s investment and impact goals.

We can also conduct a comprehensive review of your current SRI investments and provide our objective opinion. No strings attached. 

Investment Policy Statement Development

We will work with your institution to help develop or refine an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is reflective of the institution's goals. The IPS serves as our roadmap for managing your portfolio and your roadmap to assess how we are doing. The IPS also supports your board in its fiduciary duty. 

Portfolio Management

Your Verdant portfolio will be customized and then actively managed for return, asset allocation, risk, and desired impact.

Performance and Impact Reporting

Through our comprehensive portfolio accounting system, you will have 24/7 access to your investments. This database provides account performance reports among many others. On a regular basis, we will keep your institution up to date on your returns and the impact of your investments. 

Additionally, you will receive our quarterly Spotlight report highlighting some of Verdant's investment choices and instances of their tangible impact.

Fund Raising

Putting all or some of your assets in a socially-responsible investing portfolio may allow your organization to connect with a new donor base. We can help you with marketing ideas.

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