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Verdant Investments focuses exclusively on sustainable, responsible, and impact investing.

We create custom portfolios for institutional and individual clients that meet strict environmental, social and governance standards. By investing in companies focused on the future and on sustainability, we seek positive financial outcomes while creating measurable, positive impact on some of the world’s biggest issues.

Whether you are guided by investing for sustainability, change or investing by your morals, we will help you find an investing solution that fits.

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Verdant offers socially-responsible and impact investing solutions for both institutions and individual investors.

For Institutions


Our approach to investing is sophisticated and unique, just like our portfolios. 

By combining traditional investment analysis with sustainable investing philosophies, we aim to construct high-quality portfolios with a focus on the future and an awareness of issues such as:

  • water pollution
  • deforestation
  • resource scarcity
  • workplace inequality
  • child labor
  • animal cruelty
  • lack of gender diversity in the workplace
  • corporate governance
  • community development
  • ...and many more.


The Business Case For Sustainable Investing

Incorporating non-financial information into your investment strategy provides a more complete view of risk and opportunities. 

By 2050, the population will increase to 9 billion people. Global demand for food will increase by 35%, for water by 40%.

Companies that focus on these challenges now will be best positioned for long-term growth. 

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The Social Case For Sustainable investing

Socially-responsible investing allows for the alignment of your values with your investments.

Owning shares in a company gives investors a channel through which to raise environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

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Our Team

Justin Sautter, CPWA

Justin Sautter, CPWA

Team Leader, Investment Advisor & Founding Partner

Debra Walter

Debra Walter

Director of Client Services

Keith  Day

Keith Day

Investment Advisor & Director of Technology

Kali Jakobi

Kali Jakobi

Director of Marketing